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Any / All


My name is Cullen Mackenzie.

I am the youngest of a big family and I grew up listening to stories and telling stories. I grew up multi-lingual. I grew up in a household where different languages and different stories were told in different ways, so I've always privileged difference and storytelling.

I have a Classical Education: Latin, Greek, History, Art, Architecture. But I also have experience as a Teacher, Translator, Editor, Writer and recently a Consultant on Cultural and Historical aspects of Translation.

This Project, 'The Contact Collective' is part of a series of things that are like magic: they are wishes that turn into reality. They are proof to me that there is some way that we can influence reality around us to make life better and to create cool shit. Because the rest of the Universe might be decaying around us but at least we can make beautiful things.

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I am a Digital Entity , which involves: creating digital spaces - like this website - and creating other forms of digital artwork .

I spend most of my time composing soundtracks .
Some are dedicated to the World of 'UkuThintana'.

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He /Him


I'm an ambitious lil man. I chase competitive stimulation in the form of virtual activities. Climbing the ranks to prove myself worthy of glory in the digital sphere. All that is to say I play FPS games.

I'm a self learnt artist learning animation. It'll take sometime before I'm at the level I need to be but the journey so far has been gratifying. You'll find the bulk of my work here . I love all forms of performing arts so expect to see me making things I think are cool in the future!

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Elliot Jaudz Oliver

they / he / fae


Elliot is a multidisciplinary artist living and working in Joburg, South Africa. Originally from Zimbabwe, he studied for a bunch of different degrees at Rhodes University (UCKAR), all in an attempt to avoid having to make any adult decisions. Whilst there, they also ran the university's only queer / LGBTQIAP++ society; won four consecutive years of the apocalyptic LARP 'Humans Vs Zombies'; and narrated audiobooks for the South African Library for the Blind. They were selected for the Mandela-Rhodes Foundation 'Leadership in Africa' scholarship programme, and consulted for the United Nations on gender inequality in South Africa's informal sector.

Since leaving UCKAR, Elliot has worked with GALA Queer Archive (SA), Clockwork Books (SA), AMAZWI National Literary Museum (SA), and Clearfork Publishing (USA) to produce illustrations and children's books in many different indigenous languages, in order to promote inclusivity, especially for LGBTQIAP++ communities and marginalised racial groups. They've illustrated for AOSIS-accredited journals, environmental sustainability organisations, comics and graphic novels, brands, and tattoo artists.

These days, Elliot can be found selling original artworks, unique upcycled fashion, and prints at markets around Joburg; growing herbs and veggies in faer garden; reading solarpunk books or watching animated shows; and most often cuddling with their cat.